Our Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning


Our Strategic Plan

The Office embarked on a strategic planning process in 2021-22 to identify the Office’s strategic priorities and desired outcomes over the next five years. 

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Our Strategic Priorities

  • Serve the House of Assembly
    Conduct and report audits that provide clear and relevant information to the House of Assembly to improve its ability to hold the government accountable for its performance and stewardship over public funds.
  • Consider the Public Interest
    Focus our audit efforts on areas of high risk that impact on the lives of Nova Scotians.
  • Improve Government Performance
    Contribute to a better performing public service by conducting audits that result in practical recommendations for significant improvements.
  • Enhance Government Financial Reporting
    Encourage continual improvement in financial reporting by government to the House of Assembly and the people of Nova Scotia.
  • Foster Workplace Excellence
    Promote excellence and a professional and supportive workplace at the Office of the Auditor General.