February 2017 - Report

Nova Scotia Auditor General, Michael Pickup, released his February 2017 Report to the House of Assembly. This report deals solely with follow-up of 2013 and 2014 performance audit and financial reporting recommendations. The topics followed up are:

      • Disposal of IT Assets
      • ERDT Funding Programs
      • Foster Care
      • iNSchool Student Information System
      • Integrated Case Management System
      • Mechanical Branch Management
      • Mineral Resource Management
      • Occupational Health and Safety
      • Physician Alternate Funding Arrangements
      • Public Drinking Water
      • Public Health Surveillance
      • Public Service Superannuation Plan
      • Results of Financial Audits and Reviews
      • Surgical Waitlist and Operating Room Utilization
      • Travel and Other Benefits
      • Tri-County Regional School Board
November 2016 - Report

Auditor General Michael Pickup released his November 2016 report on four audits to the Nova Scotia Legislature. See below for topics and links.

    Chapter 1: Licensed Child Care

    Chapter 2: School Capital Planning

    Chapter 3: AMANDA Case Management and Compliance System

    Chapter 4: Critical Infrastructure Resiliency

    Full Report:

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