Reports in Progress

Reports In Progress

Here's a list and brief description of the reports currently in progress. To reach us about one of our reports, contact us at: 

December 5: Annual Financial Report of the Auditor General
This report will include information on the audit work of the March 2023 Consolidated Financial Statements of the Province of Nova Scotia, as well as the results from government organizations. There will also be information on the Province of Nova Scotia’s financial condition and additional insights on important matters impacting the Province’s finances.

Release date to be determined: Nova Scotia Liberal Party: Report on Unauthorized Disbursements
This report will outline the Auditor General's work on the unauthorized disbursements in the 2021 Financial Statements of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party.

Release date to be determined: Development of Transitional Care Facilities
This audit will determine whether the province exercised adequate due diligence in order to obtain value for money in the selection of 21 Hogan Court for conversion to a transitional care facility and whether initial procurements complied with provincial procurement policies.

Release date to be determined: Value for Money of Spending Outside of the Budget Process
This audit will examine whether spending outside of the budget process considered value for money and safeguarded public funds.

Release date to be determined: Child and Youth Care Homes
The audit will examine if the Department of Community Services is effectively overseeing child and youth care homes used to care for children under the care of the Minister when a foster care placement is not possible.

Release date to be determined: Follow-Up Report
This report follows up on the implementation status of Auditor General recommendations from 2019, 2020, and 2021 performance audits and provides a summary on the status of newer recommendations made in 2022 performance audits.

Release date to be determined: Cybersecurity Readiness in Healthcare
The audit will examine if the Department of Health and Wellness, Nova Scotia Health Authority and Department of Cyber Security and Digital Solutions provide effective cyber security across Nova Scotia’s digital health network.