Planned Audits and Reports

Please note – The following topics could change as could the timing of reporting. This is our best estimate at the current time for what will be reported:


June 21: Housing

This audit will determine if housing authorities are providing vulnerable individuals and families with access to affordable, well-managed public rental housing in a clear and consistent manner, and will assess whether the Province is providing adequate oversight.

Fall 2022: Immigration and Population Growth

The audit will be focused on the Immigration and Population Growth branch of the Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration. It will examine the development of immigration programs, the selection of immigrants through the Nova Scotia Nominee Program and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, management of the settlement services funding programs, and the identification and mitigation of fraud. 


Release date to be determined: Healthy Eating in Schools

This audit will determine if the Province of Nova Scotia is providing nutritional food to students in Nova Scotia schools.


Release date to be determined: Green Fund

This audit will determine if the Province of Nova Scotia is ensuring the Green Fund is achieving its purposes of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, encouraging adaptation, and preparing for climate change impacts through financing programs.


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