Planned Audits and Reports

Please Note – the following topics could change as could the timing of reporting. This is our best estimate at the current time for what will be reported.

    Fall 2020 - Spring 2021



    Release Date December 2020:  Annual Financial Report of the Auditor General:


    This report will have three chapters.  Chapter one will provide information on the audit work of the March 31, 2020 Consolidated Financial Statements of the Province of Nova Scotia, as well as the results from audits of government organizations. Chapter two will provide information on the financial impacts of COVID-19.  Chapter three will provide an update on the status of prior year observations in the areas of  cybersecurity, fraud risk management and internal meetings and employee social events expenses.




    Release Date to be Determined:  Follow up of Recommendations to the Atlantic Lottery Corporation


    This report deals with the status of implementing the 25 recommendations made to Atlantic Lottery Corporation’s management, Board, and shareholder governments by the Atlantic Auditors General in their 2016 joint audit.




    Release Date to be Determined:  Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation – Phase 2


    Phase 2 of this audit continues our examination of the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.  In Phase 2 we consider how well NSLC procures and promotes retail beverage alcohol and whether NSLC is appropriately managing retail inventory.  We will also be looking at governance structures and processes.




    Release Date to be Determined:  Pre-Primary Program​


    This audit will examine the Pre-Primary Program at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.  We will look to see whether the Department adequately planned the implementation of the Program and whether the Department incorporated the lessons learned from each year of the program rollout.




    Release Date to be Determined:  COVID Spending Programs


    This audit will look at the various provincial spending programs established to support Nova Scotian’s through the COVID 19 pandemic.  We will consider the approaches selected to administer these programs and the oversight put in place to ensure they function as intended.



      Release Date to be Determined:  Rural Internet


      This audit will consider the planning and approach taken by the Province to improve internet in rural Nova Scotia.  We will look at the decisions made around the provincial approach as well as the details around funding approved to date.

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