Planned Audits and Reports

Please Note – the following topics could change as could the timing of reporting. This is our best estimate at the current time for what will be reported.

Summer 2020



June 2020:  Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation​ – Phase 1


This broad ranging audit covers a number of areas within the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.  We will consider how well they are meeting their role in promoting responsible drinking, assess the approach NSLC is taking to support the local beverage alcohol industry, assess their capital planning processes, and finally look at how they manage agency store contracts.




July 2020:  QEII New Generation Project – Phase 2


This part of our audit looking at the QEII redevelopment project will cover the processes and analysis used to decide on the use of a P3 model to finance the project as well as the processes used to prepare the master plan outlining what the new facility will include.



    Release Date to be Determined:  Contaminated Sites​


    Following concerns identified in our financial statement work related to contaminated sites, we chose to undertake a performance audit in this area.  We will assess the current status of the recommendations we first made in 2010 and also look to see what the government is doing to identify and manage contaminated sites for which the provincial government is the responsible party.

    Fall 2020 - Spring 2021



    Release Date to be Determined:  Follow up of Recommendations to the Atlantic Lottery Corporation


    This report deals with the status of implementing the 25 recommendations made to Atlantic Lottery Corporation’s management, Board, and shareholder governments by the Atlantic Auditors General in their 2016 joint audit.




    Release Date to be Determined:  Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation – Phase 2


    Phase 2 of this audit continues our examination of the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.  In Phase 2 we consider how well NSLC procures and promotes retail beverage alcohol and whether NSLC is appropriately managing retail inventory.  We will also be looking at governance structures and processes.



      Release Date to be Determined:  Pre-Primary Program​


      This audit will examine the Pre-Primary Program at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.  We will look to see whether the Department adequately planned the implementation of the Program and whether the Department incorporated the lessons learned from each year of the program rollout.

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