Planned Audits and Reports

Please Note – the following topics could change as could the timing of reporting. This is our best estimate at the current time for what will be reported.

Fall 2018



Financial Report



Our 2018 Financial Report will be presented to the House of Assembly in October 2018. The three chapters will provide information on the following:

  1. Results of the financial audit work performed in the Office’s financial reporting portfolio;
  2. Nova Scotia’s financial condition;
  3. Information technology (IT) governance in the health sector – This audit will determine whether the Nova Scotia Health Authority, the Isaak Walton Killam Health Centre, and the Departments of Internal Services and Health and Wellness have appropriate IT governance in place for the health sector.







This audit will examine how the Public Service Commission is addressing diversity and inclusion within the workforce of the provincial government.







This audit will look at governance and financial management and controls within the IWK.  It will not be an in-depth analysis of the CEO expenses as that topic has been previously addressed and is currently being investigated by the police.  We will assess governance within the organization as well as the financial management controls in place.   




Workers Compensation Board



This audit will examine various processes at WCB. Our work will be reported in two phases, with this chapter covering governance, oversight and accountability along with program sustainability.  We anticipate reporting the second phase covering claims and benefits administration, appeals, return to work processes and service provider contracts in our Spring 2019 report.




Internal Services – Privacy Breach



We are working with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner to investigate the privacy breach around the FOIPOP portal.  At this point we do not know the nature or timing of any reporting that will result from this, but as our work progresses and timing becomes more clear we will update this site.



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