Follow-up of 2014 and 2015 Performance Audit Recommendations


Nova Scotia Auditor General, Michael Pickup, released his April 2018 Report to the House of Assembly.  This report deals solely with follow-up of 2014 and 2015 performance audit and certain financial reporting recommendations.  The topics followed up are:

  •     Advertising, Procurement and Performance
  •     Agencies, Boards and Commissions Accountability Reporting
  •     Aquaculture Monitoring
  •     Bluenose II Restoration Project
  •     Business Continuity Management
  •     Forest Management and Protection
  •     Funding to Universities
  •     iNSchool Student Information System
  •     Integrated Case Management System
  •     Mineral Resource Management
  •     Monitoring and Funding to Municipalities
  •     Physician Alternate Funding Arrangements
  •     Procurement and Management of Professional Services Contracts
  •     Public Drinking Water
  •     Public Service Superannuation Plan
  •     Regional School Board Governance and Oversight
  •     Responsible Gambling and the Prevention and Treatment of Problem Gambling
  •     Results of Audits and Reviews
  •     Surgical Waitlist and Operating Room Utilization
  •     Tri-County Regional School Board